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Dream Analysis

Analyzing Your Dreams

through the Lens

of the

Subconscious Mind


How Dreams Work

The interpretation of dreams to determine their meaning has been a subject for debate since the time of Freud and Jung. Some of the greatest minds have attempted to explain dreams and the underlying reasons we dream.

It is my belief that dreams are messages we download through the lens of the subconscious mind to assist us as we travel though this life. Its important to understand that the subconscious minds language is not words, but the pictures/symbols the words form. So when interpreting the messages the subconscious is sending you, you must learn the language it is speaking. The pictures, or the story behind the symbols that is being presented in the form of a dream. 

Your subconscious mind is a part of you, so it will use the pictures/symbols that it knows you will understand, through the resources you will search out. This is why so many different dream book interpretations, though different, are valid. The one you are drawn to will be your source your subconscious mind will use. Also this is why, for example, after watching a show on TV the night before, a dream may include similar symbols. Most think it is just because they watched the program so therefore they had a dream about it. This is not the case. Your subconscious mind is simply pulling data from your memory to send you information. The information is still very valid guidance for your life at the specific time of the dream.

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