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Tiffany Wheeler, BC

I have attempted various approaches for my deep rooted anger & explosive issues. No one has ever gotten to the root of the issue the way Sherral does. She pulls up the things we need to free ourselves from & like magic *poof* she sets us free. She is a powerful person with love of helping others with her gifts. After my first session I felt the grasp my anger typically has on me had really started to let go. I was finally able to think clearly in THAT moment. She has helped me immensely & I'll be forever appreciative of her.

Jade Cherman, AB

I had the privilege of working with Sherral who possesses an exceptional blend of qualities. Her kindness, compassion, & soothing presence created a warm & non-judgemental environment where I felt safe & supported. We had a lengthly conversation before the session where she got to know my issues. She also made herself available at any time after the session, showing remarkable patience & dedication to my well being. I am truly grateful for her guidance, & I wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone seeking effective hypnotherapy. I really believe she has helped me.

Shay Bolden, AB

I attended the Balancing Your Energy Bodies workshop. What a break through for myself, bringing the feminine &  masculine energies together. Really eye opening! My life is a constant battle between the two & I have found balance now. I know  how I became unbalanced for myself in my day to day. It's a great tool teaching me how to come back & balance myself at anytime when needed. Super simple visualization. I am really impressed & will be attending more workshops in the future when I can. 

Sherri Urchyshyn, AB

The hypnotherapy session I did with Sherral was a two  part group session. She made the group environment a very safe & comfortable place to explore within ourselves as well as sharing what we were compelled to share. I truly left feeling like a weight had been lifted after Sherral helped facilitate important conversations between myself & a family member.
Sherral is trustworthy & professional.

Sharon Anderson, BC

Thank you Sherral. Your work at helping uncover & see parts that have been concealed brought to my consciousness have been a big help to see where & why it is hard for me to say No. learning & seeing this is helping me on so many levels. I also have learned about triggers & how to recognize them.

Cypris Dawn Arntson, BC

I have been attending Sherral Shaw's various teachings since she started them at The Gathering Tree Wellness Therapies. Not only are the classes entertaining, informative & interesting, Sherral is also wonderful teacher. She has a clear passion & drive for her work & teachings which is evident during her classes. We have covered several topics from Light (Energy) Bodies to Astrology, & all of them, regardless how complex, are presented in a beginner friendly environment. I would highly recommend any of her classes to anyone, young or old, who want to learn various unique & exciting topics!

Donna Jackson, AB

Sherral is a great listener, adviser & guide. She has helped me with the loss of my husband & always guided me towards positive thinking. I've had medical problems & Sherral has been a great adviser directing down the right path toward health. 

Jim Sutter, BC

My hypnotherapy session uncovered something I never knew was a connection to my smoking habit! It has helped me not only let go of smoking but healed something deep inside. Changed my life!

Judy Clement, BC

Sherral has helped me heal so much inside. I had one session and then noticed other things coming up as well that I wanted to look at. One by one like peeling an onion, I began to heal so many issues I realized I had. One layer after another and now I feel so different about my life. I feel more confident and in control. It's amazing especially if you stick with it and really want to be a better version of you! Thank you so much!

Tanya Johnson, AB

I quit smoking and never looked back! I'm so happy I did this. I had tried so many times and the stress everyday I felt was just too much. After a couple of sessions, I was able to release the core of the reason I smoked and all the overwhelming stress slowly left. The recording Sherral does for you to get rid of habits worked like magic! I just started to almost forget to smoke, or I'd forget my smokes everywhere! It really worked for me!

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